Thank you so much for purchasing Barre Chord Buster. A step by step method for making and changing between barre chords.

  • You MUST do your chosen exercises every day. Little and often is key. 10 to 20 minutes is perfect.
  • If your hands start to cramp, then this is normal. Take a very quick break and then resume. Your hands are going to hurt but this is all part of learning barre chords.
  • You should already know how to play an A, D and E chord.
  • This course will take you between 2 - 5 weeks depending on your previous experience.

You can download Barre Chord Buster here.

PLEASE NOTE that downloads aren't advised on smartphones or tablets.

This is a big file size. Depending on your internet connection it may take some time to download.

Lesson Index

Video 2 - Guitar Set Up + How To Check Your Action

Video 3 - The RIGHT Position

Video 4 - The Hand Flex + Exercise No.1

Video 5 - The E Shape + Exercise No.2

Video 6 - Power To Barre Chords + Exercise No.3

Video 7 - Barre Chord Practice Riffs

Video 8 - Changing From Open to Barre

Video 9 - The A Shape

Video 10 - Other Shapes

Video 11 - Some Harmless Music Theory

Video 12 - Changing From E to A Shape Barre Chords - YouTube


If you have any questions about any part of this course just fill in the contact form underneath the videos. I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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