• A barre chord is when you press down more than one string with one finger at the same time. Think of your finger as a metal bar going over the strings.
  • Getting the right position is about 50% of getting these chords mastered.
  • Always start your exercises on the 7th fret, because it's easier to press down the strings there.
  • Always barre close to the fret marker.
  • Don't hook your finger when pressing down. Keep your finger straight.
  • Depending on your hand size, try not to put your finger too high (over the top) of the neck.
  • Thumb position should be kept just below halfway on the back of the neck.
  • Point your thumb towards the head and press with diagonal pressure. Use the top joint of your thumb.
  • (Optional) You can also try rolling your barre finger onto it's side (towards the head of the guitar) so you're using the more bony side rather than the fleshy part.
  • Wrist and arm should be locked together in a line. Don't turn your wrist towards the neck.

Video 4 - The Hand Flex + Exercise 1

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