This is dangerous...

As you found this secret page at my site I want to ask you a question…


If I said learning guitar is easy would you believe me?


Because that’s just what the adverts want you to believe:


“Learn guitar in 4 weeks and become the envy of all your friends”


These type of ads are DANGEROUS.


They are demotivating (and they make me angry) Start of rant…


They encourage a false idea that getting good at guitar is an easy task.


They treat it like a cheap throw away skill that can be mastered in a set time limit.


Quite frankly, anyone who buys into this will not last 5 minutes at guitar (let alone 4 weeks)


Don’t get me wrong. You CAN learn some songs quickly. There’s a series of “Quick Riffs” at the LGIL Website that will help you do this.


However, a skill like guitar playing cannot be bought and mastered in a set time period.


It doesn’t work like that.


It SHOULDN’T work like that.


Anything worth achieving takes time, perseverance and a love for what you’re doing.


My lessons will NOT get you playing effortless guitar in 4 weeks.


They WON’T make you Hendrix overnight.


They are NOT made with the “advert people” in mind.


They are born from a deep desire to help you discover and achieve more with your guitar playing.


(end of rant)


So as you’re still reading this secret page I want to offer you a free 10 trial to LGIL Premium.


Join up for free, start learning from one of the premium courses with step by step instruction and motivating support.