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Beginner friendly lessons that don’t presume you have any previous guitar experience.

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These lessons are perfect if you want to learn a recognisable song quickly.

Technique + Theory

The most overlooked (and probably one of the most important) lesson pages at LGIL.




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Catherine Barret

Catherine Barret

Your videos have become an important part of my education. You have great energy, humour, and I love your taste in music.

Dennis L. Haut

Dennis L. Haut

Your attention to detain and constant encouragement all help to make your tutorials the website of choice. I have unsubscribed from all the rest.

Richard Hill

Richard Hill

Your lessons have helped me out of a RUT that I was in for 5-7 years. Your style is accessible, you admit to mistakes (which makes you REAL!) and I enjoy every lesson.

Shirley Tarran

Shirley Tarran

You are an inspirational teacher Drue. My playing has improved so much since I started having skype lessons with you.

Sonja Van de Pol

Sonja Van de Pol

Drue is a great teacher. He is genuine, incredibly patient and passionate about teaching.

Anthony Porreca

Anthony Porreca

I have been wanting to learn finger style for quite sometime now. I was able to go to your site and in about 2 hours learn my first finger style song. Thank you for slowing things down and making it easy to learn.

Isabelle Meunier

Isabelle Meunier

Your energy keeps me motivated and I always feel like you prepare a unique lesson just for me. (not the same lesson that you give to every student)