• This exercise is great for stretching your hands and keeping that one fret gap between your index and the rest of your fingers.
  • A power chord (with an octave) is essentially the first three notes of an E shape barre chord.
  • Strum the top 3 strings for the power chord and all 6 for the full barre.

I mention riffs in this video, however they will be explained in the next video.


The reason why I've given you three exercises and some barre chord riffs is so that you can choose which ones you find most effective. As a general rule you should be doing 5 minutes of each exercise, but DON'T do them consecutively. Do exercise one then a song or take a break and follow that routine on with the other exercises. Exercise - Song - Exercise - Break - Barre Chord Riff - Song - Break. This is just an example but I hope you get the message.


Video 7 - Barre Chord Riffs

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