Here's three songs that have one or two barre chords in:

I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Watch the lesson here.

Half The World Away - Watch the lesson here.

Video Games - Watch the lesson here.

  • Find a song you really like that has one barre chord in it. Make sure that the barre chord isn't at the beginning or end of the chord sequence.
  • The first chord progression to practice is G - D - Bm - C
  • Common barre chords are Bm, B and F.
  • When changing to a barre chord from an open chord always go barre finger first.
  • From most open chords your thumb will be higher on the neck than when your doing a barre, so don't forget to move your thumb simultaneously as your changing to the barre.
  • Second chord progression to practice is C - F - G - G
  • Ignore all muted strings or buzzing. Just keep strumming at all times. As your muscles grow the chords will start to sound better.
  • You can make the chords on your fretting hand without strumming. This is great for learning the shapes and changing faster.

Video 9 - The A Shape

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