How do professional guitarists make it look so easy?

2 things…

  1. They’ve practiced a lot!

  2. They’re comfortable and have ZERO tension in their bodies.

Holding your guitar correctly is essential in keeping your body relaxed and eliminating any future aches and pains.

While I don’t practice what I preach I’d like you to hold the guitar on your LEFT LEG. Over the years I’ve seen beginners make faster leaps in progress when taught on the left leg. I know it’s not cool, but you will feel closer to the guitar neck and you’ll ultimately be more comfortable this way.

Raise your left leg with some thick books or a foot stool. Here’s my foot stool recommendation…

Practice on a chair with no sides or a stool. Aim to avoid playing on a sofa or a bed as this can get uncomfortable on your back over time.

If you’re holding the guitar correctly (with your right hand over the sound hole) then you don’t need to grip the neck with your left hand. The guitar will sit on your leg without falling.

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