This is an optional lesson (as I’m sure you have a guitar and you want to get started.)

Perhaps come back to this video when you’re ready to upgrade your beginners guitar.

Most of what I mention in the video, including my specific guitar recommendations can be found by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.


  • Don’t buy from the internet right away. Go to a guitar shop and try them out.
  • Take a friend (who can play guitar) to the shop with you.
  • Don’t buy too cheap. Cheap guitars are often harder to play.
  • Choose your guitar based on 4 things: Your budget (the more you can afford the better), what it looks like, how comfortable it is to hold and how it sounds.
  • Try out 3 to 6 different guitars before you commit. Each guitar will sound different so play the same chord on each one to A/B test the sound.
  • You’ll be playing this new guitar for a long time. Don’t rush your decision.
  • When you do buy the guitar check to see if you can get some things thrown in for free. Bag, picks, strap, capo etc… (CHECKLIST OF GUITAR ACCESSORIES)

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