STAGE 1: (3-5 minutes)

Check each chord you know by picking the strings. Look for clean sounds for each chord note.


Often there are 3 reasons why your chords are sounding buzzy or muted:

  1. You’re NOT pressing down in the middle of the fret
  2. You’re not using the tip of your finger on each string. TIP: This means you need to push your wrist forwards and bring your thumb further around the neck.
  3. One of the fingers you are using to press down are touching a string they’re not suppose to. See the tip above.


STAGE 2: (3-5 minutes)

Strum each chord with downstrums only and keep a steady beat.


STAGE 3: (5 Minutes)

Go back to the full rhythm. Hopefully there will be some improvement on the sound of your chords.


Keep On Playing.

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