1: If It Sounds Wrong It IS Wrong – Trust what you’re hearing. This will make you more musical.


2: You’re Playing Too Fast – Faster does NOT mean better when learning guitar. The tone of your guitar is more important then speed. Only increase the speed when your tone is great.


3: Omni-Directional Practice – Don’t just settle for one song each practice. Mix things up with warm ups, scales, new chords, songs, arpeggios etc…


4: If it’s not fun STOP – It’s simple, guitar is a passion. You should only learn songs you want to play. This is where being self taught is very empowering. If something is too difficult (after you’ve given it a shot) then take a break and play something you already know.


5: Little and Often is Key – Don’t do massive all day guitar sessions. (at least not in the beginning). Play for 10-15 minutes, take a break for 5 and then return. Rinse and repeat this 3-4 times. 


There isn’t homework for this module as such. However…

Perhaps return to the chord changing techniques listed in this module if you ever find it challenging to change chords smoothly.

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