Acoustic Guitar Lessons Taught With Clarity and Patience

Welcome to my life's work. (So far...)

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Have fun and keep on playing.

Just got a guitar? Let’s start learning songs with this quick start beginners course

fingerstyle guitar songs - beginner lessons

Learn the fingerstyle “golden rule” with these beginner friendly, relaxing and melodic songs

Short addictive songs that get stuck in your head and don’t have chords

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Start the hunt here

Most Viewed Song Lessons - Drue James - Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Go along with the herd and learn the popular lessons

Guitar Chord Library - Drue James - 51 Common Chords With Pictures

How many of these chords do you know? (Student Area Members Only)

Quick Start Guitar Courses - Drue James

Quick introduction courses on strumming, chord changing and fingerstyle

Acoustic Guitar Instrumental - Fingerstyle Lessons

If you’re not a singer then let the guitar do the singing for you with these instrumental lessons

campfire guitar songs - sing along song lessons

Get your friends and family singing along with you

5 Chords Or Less Acoustic Guitar Lessons - Drue James

Sometimes that’s all you need for a great beginner friendly song

Classic Artists Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons - Drue James

Beatles, Eagles, Stones, anything plural! Everything classic.

Songs With Barre Chords - Drue James - Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons

One of the best way to learn barre chords is to play them in a song you love. Pick a song from this lesson list.

Essential Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Drue James - Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Full blown beginners course with all the trimmings

Beautiful Fingerstyle Songs - Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Take your fingerstyle playing to the next level with these intermediate arrangements.

Intermediate Guitar Song Lessons - Drue James - Free Guitar Lessons

You’re past the beginner stages, well done. Let’s keep going...

Classical Guitar Songs - Beginner to Intermediate Guitar Lessons

This is where guitar first started. Learn fingerstyle songs by the world's greatest classical composers

Blues Guitar Song Lessons - Drue James - Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Go back to where pop and rock n roll first started…

Easy Christmas Songs On Guitar - Drue James - Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Because now you’re learning guitar you’ll always get asked to play these songs in December