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What’s Up? 4 Non Blondes https://youtu.be/m3TvmpI-fjA
Say Something – Fingerstyle Instrumental A Great Big World https://youtu.be/t25nscejnrI
Say Something – Fingerstyle Instrumental – Part 2 A Great Big World https://youtu.be/-qUNFpz40VE
I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else A Great Big World https://youtu.be/LIVA0rNr0aE
Make You Feel My Love Adele https://youtu.be/gM3mVeOS3ww
Rolling In The Deep Adele https://youtu.be/jCMt2nAsVC4
When We Were Young Adele https://youtu.be/4EPYqpn3CMA
Daydreamer Adele https://youtu.be/GsU1Bq-mvi0
Someone Like You Adele https://youtu.be/Idcp4AIoWOs
I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing Aerosmith https://youtu.be/zdx_5KosmCQ
A Horse With No Name America https://youtu.be/V_JF3cScsNI
Big Jet Plane Angus + Julia Stone https://youtu.be/ZrgeP5ZQOPI
Flourescent Adolescent Arctic Monkey https://youtu.be/6xST1nmJB0w
Snap Out Of It Arctic Monkeys https://youtu.be/BHZQHSOuuHA
Crying Lightning Arctic Monkeys https://youtu.be/mQeDhqWVJ1s
Mardy Bum Arctic Monkeys https://youtu.be/yXuFNJzCf5s
Do I Wanna Know? Arctic Monkeys https://youtu.be/1Xw13R3JnTw
R U Mine? Arctic Monkeys https://youtu.be/xLYAQSjRllg
Wake Me Up Avicii https://youtu.be/CxRb9j6yS1Y
Sail Awolnation https://youtu.be/4lnNZhb_1dc
Dark Eyes Awesome Melodic Gypsy Jazz song https://youtu.be/WckBghn9l4g
The Funeral Band of Horses https://youtu.be/3FdScvsHy20
Pompeii Bastille https://youtu.be/SkqFLPxz7H0
Ode To Joy Beethoven https://youtu.be/PRZh_Wv3IQQ
Fur Elise – Part 1 Beethoven https://youtu.be/PDEd6q2o0uo
Fur Elise – Part 2 Beethoven https://youtu.be/UTe3lM5mP8w
Fur Elise – Part 3 Beethoven https://youtu.be/dFXusVA7vIc
Stand By Me Ben E King https://youtu.be/bQt8XDWiwPo
Stand By Me – Fingerstyle Ben E King https://youtu.be/N7sVsHSaVW0
What A Day Ben Howard https://youtu.be/qHlfMdiC-F0
God And Satan Biffy Clyro https://youtu.be/NHn1J9NKGh0
Many Of Horror (When We Collide) Biffy Clyro https://youtu.be/Wbd4z_DpKAM
Ain’t No Sunshine Bill Withers https://youtu.be/Jke8JEr60YM
Ain’t No Sunshine – Fingerstyle Bill Withers https://youtu.be/YB9__UfOas4
People Help The People Birdy/Cherry Ghost https://youtu.be/Y2othwIYyI4
Wings – Fingerstyle Birdy https://youtu.be/X2WE_oJ-ORE
Iron Man Black Sabbath https://youtu.be/id9iJ_c3JHM
I Miss You Blink 182 https://youtu.be/Nd3377aWQYA
Tender Blur https://youtu.be/vWuUfc4CbWo
Three Little Birds (Don’t Worry About a Thing ) Bob Marley https://youtu.be/L57yO_kEzb8
Play 5 Bob Marley Songs With 5 Chords Bob Marley https://youtu.be/rmM86WrEJpE
Blindsided Bon Iver https://youtu.be/7PTdNznSeiM
Skinny Love Bon Iver https://youtu.be/Zqr0qFBkDmg
First Day Of My Life Bright Eyes https://youtu.be/TfH4LmwnTJA
Locked Out Of Heaven – Full Version Bruno Mars https://youtu.be/QVkwac_105o
Locked Out Of Heaven – Easy Beginners Version Bruno Mars https://youtu.be/wNjFYDoZL4Q
Summer Of ’69 – Bryan Adams Bryan Adams https://youtu.be/tUkXiGRb574
Summer Of ’69 Part 2 Bryan Adams https://youtu.be/6mrLZo4Zn0s
Heaven Bryan Adams https://youtu.be/XwPTMpgOmX4
Cigarette Daydreams Cage The Elephant https://youtu.be/WLLOasho1KQ
Dancing On My Own – Fingerstyle Calum Scott https://youtu.be/R2EhfYEviyA
Father and Son Cat Stevens https://youtu.be/rWp8GckYUlY
My Heart Will Go On – Part 2 Celine Dion https://youtu.be/BDD5Z_Cau8U
My Heart Will Go On – Fingerstyle Celine Dion https://youtu.be/HJNtypM2K5E
Carrickfergus Celtic Folk https://youtu.be/jb76DT4lC0Y
Believe Cher https://youtu.be/KsGKufj89Xw
The Funeral March Chopin https://youtu.be/RMbz5Q1M5IA
Wicked Game Chris Issak https://youtu.be/dTxJc-oXg7A
Jar Of Hearts Christina Perri https://youtu.be/eT5FJWlikB4
A Thousand Years – Fingerstyle Christina Perri https://youtu.be/jZnIkDX8V9I
Yellow – Easy Coldplay https://youtu.be/ACyUbFDXgKY
The Scientist Coldplay https://youtu.be/YNNDk_Yx4D0
Clocks Coldplay https://youtu.be/jjpY47sBhyg
Fix You – Part 2 Coldplay https://youtu.be/kGGKK2WcrGM
Sky Full of Stars Coldplay https://youtu.be/_CsIG_pM1wc
Magic Coldplay https://youtu.be/yTHOVGMuflA
Fix You Coldplay https://youtu.be/p3woEP–lZE
Viva La Vida Coldplay https://youtu.be/dO7t54nT90U
Fix You – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Coldplay https://youtu.be/e0Fp7U6IgI8
Fix You – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Coldplay https://youtu.be/2zBIEJMMmUA
Clocks – Part 2 Coldplay https://youtu.be/pUrGFov8pTk
Yellow – Intermediate Coldplay https://youtu.be/Hpvyjpws33k
Weather With You Crowded House https://youtu.be/-AweFuv2wx0
Coconut Skins Damien Rice https://youtu.be/nUNScH8Gq0g
Youth – Easy Fingerstyle Daughter https://youtu.be/fBLt-ghL3q0
Candles Daughter https://youtu.be/AmYpNgab6z4
Space Oddity – Part 2 David Bowie https://youtu.be/sdq1eEtjFiE
Space Oddity – Part 1 David Bowie https://youtu.be/6AmGhV071rs
Starman David Bowie https://youtu.be/AesbYNXrbGY
Heroes (We Could Be) David Bowie https://youtu.be/BIJKOOGUdA8
Sail Away David Gray https://youtu.be/ZtAGemBIaWM
Babylon David Gray https://youtu.be/InH1kcBFPk8
I Will Follow You Into The Dark Death Cab For Cutie https://youtu.be/wjLvkSnci7A
Breakfast At Tiffany’s Deep Blue Something https://youtu.be/hYi9idxzP3g
Smoke On The Water – Riff #2 Deep Purple https://youtu.be/IlNhohpVkow
Duelling Banjos Deliverance https://youtu.be/5Xd4tGsEF6E
Money For Nothing Dire Straits https://youtu.be/PwEK6Hc9Yog
American Pie Don Mclean https://youtu.be/W7hwycdf34M
Afire Love Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/XwPTMpgOmX4
I’m a Mess Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/AtEUk-DfQ-k
Give Me Love Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/3GHHcIE0a1g
The A Team Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/8fv26KDpOF0
Perfect – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/ov4p3ZM-hr0
Perfect – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/XKYmdcAsV-M
Bloodstream – Fingerstyle Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/lpLZR6iuQKs
I See Fire – Fingerstyle Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/-mwCK4_qmN4
Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/1bYoJq-m29c
Heartbeats Ellie Goulding https://youtu.be/6J5vL51rl0c
Between The Bars Elliot Smith https://youtu.be/ieHc844sRBw
Your Song Elton John https://youtu.be/dPlxEbfRj6s
I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You Elvis Presley https://youtu.be/vF0HQNaWeJI
I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Elvis Presley https://youtu.be/ajMZ7CyHJss
I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Elvis Presley https://youtu.be/o4Ew7xZeia8
You Were Always On My Mind – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Elvis Presley https://youtu.be/hFreDT6LIMg
You Were Always On My Mind – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Elvis Presley https://youtu.be/yxw4_0ZF004
Tears In Heaven (Unplugged) – Part 1 Eric Clapton https://youtu.be/DoOTvbWP3Lg
Tears In Heaven (Unplugged) – Part 2 Eric Clapton https://youtu.be/mtj2b5h-mjk
Before You Accuse Me Eric Clapton https://youtu.be/veb-VMHu53A
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Fingerstyle Eurythmics https://youtu.be/FSzJnTco2O8
Autumn Leaves – Fingerstyle Eva Cassidy https://youtu.be/CdZZAMVM3lE
My Immortal – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Evanescence https://youtu.be/T4-indq9yZ8
My Immortal – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Evanescence https://youtu.be/nE8t_qdiWZs
All I Have To Do Is Dream – Fingerstyle Everly Brothers https://youtu.be/Ae7c8jFR9uc
Hero Family of the year https://youtu.be/FD1J8H_7gME
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz https://youtu.be/HtLQH6zTF9o
The Sun Has No Judgement Fingerstyle – Open C Tuning https://youtu.be/68AEI7Ipc9E
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Theme Fingerstyle Beginner https://youtu.be/e-itoc6NpHY
Puff The Magic Dragon Fingerstyle Beginner https://youtu.be/5xM5VHiFsRo
Malaguena – beginner version Fingerstyle https://youtu.be/577HFsFxnDI
Malaguena Fingerstyle https://youtu.be/n6g76OLmvCc
Landslide – Part 1 Fleetwood Mac https://youtu.be/ZvIRCqXT_pA
Landslide – Part 2 Fleetwood Mac https://youtu.be/XarkMaIA9Pc
The Chain – Part 2 Fleetwood Mac https://youtu.be/YBMKSNunQFE
The Chain – Part 1 Fleetwood Mac https://youtu.be/4Lx_UIFrq8U
Never Going Back Again Fleetwood Mac https://youtu.be/mvkJkOz8jq8
Times Like These Foo Fighters https://youtu.be/Y8ZavAvO_cA
Stranger Things Have Happened Foo Fighters https://youtu.be/jAkQDLcnLsI
Everlong Foo Fighters https://youtu.be/6wnMV9zOVpg
Best Of You Foo Fighters https://youtu.be/7q2R_-V1ZWo
Waiting On A War Foo Fighters https://youtu.be/89GxrmrgcKc
Razor Foo Fighters https://youtu.be/znZV8eCNtBk
Pumped Up Kicks Foster the People https://youtu.be/kKilc7ZI1aA
I Still Believe – Part 2 Frank Turner https://youtu.be/WOoBNcnCEC8
I Still Believe – Part 1 Frank Turner https://youtu.be/qXCKFTIS3H0
Mad World – Fingerstyle Gary Jules https://youtu.be/q3drefOMN-Q
Budapest George Ezra https://youtu.be/PK1XUQ3AWlc
Falling Slowly Glen Hansard https://youtu.be/CrpY6huMea0
Wake Me Up When September Ends Greenday https://youtu.be/QFhWvdxAIkI
21 Guns Greenday https://youtu.be/mNOqgglRrMQ
21 Guns – Easy (ish) Fingerstyle – Part 2 Greenday https://youtu.be/XqVL4Xe4h1Q
21 Guns – Easy (ish) Fingerstyle – Part 1 Greenday https://youtu.be/dbdtjzw-1jY
Everybody’s Talkin Harry Nilsson https://youtu.be/ZmhMdHLSopo
Take Me To Church Hozier https://youtu.be/55EMP91UQ4U
The Passenger Iggy Pop https://youtu.be/7ybkWDnq5Y4
Drive Incubus https://youtu.be/r7q7vLQEhSA
Be Ok Ingrid Michealson https://youtu.be/2kwc_lcF4IU
Upside Down Jack Johnson https://youtu.be/F7npTXXINqE
Banana Pancakes Jack Johnson https://youtu.be/cFI4wnv3qU4
Two Fingers Jake Bugg https://youtu.be/An8RvCzMMyw
Broken Jake Bugg https://youtu.be/4SCu3zj9SBI
Let It Go James Bay https://youtu.be/5q_m11Wo8S4
Bonfire Heart – Part 2 James Blunt https://youtu.be/Nj-gJ1r8YDM
You’re Beautiful James Blunt https://youtu.be/ppCSRsljJo4
You’re Beautiful – Full Song Performance James Blunt https://youtu.be/3BAnFuGawU4
Bonfire Heart – Part 1 James Blunt https://youtu.be/afG8TpNF76g
Broken Strings James Morrison https://youtu.be/C26b8lwNSVE
Fire And Rain James Taylor https://youtu.be/bxA1a91IE3g
Jason Mraz – I’m Yours – Part 1 Jason Mraz https://youtu.be/VSwaTTyRtck
I Won’t Give Up – Part 2 Jason Mraz https://youtu.be/CfLavtsdVag
I Won’t Give Up – Part 1 Jason Mraz https://youtu.be/T6h8CDHUPCc
How To Play Time In A Bottle Jim Croce https://youtu.be/P2o-fwgH4UI
Take Me Home, Country Roads John Denver https://youtu.be/5jCR7Pmm230
Leaving On A Jetplane John Denver https://youtu.be/yFP0xEADDIM
Imagine John Lennon https://youtu.be/tm7ic8UlSsE
Your Body Is a Wonderland John Mayer https://youtu.be/wywdbVbfoNo
Star Wars Theme – Part 1 John Williams https://youtu.be/6YH4VQyrMNQ
Star Wars Theme- Part 2 John Williams https://youtu.be/PM1XFyJ8i7Q
Ring Of Fire Johnny Cash https://youtu.be/M_kG1a8EFKI
Hurt Johnny Cash https://youtu.be/3grCTSkbHEo
Personal Jesus – Part 2 Johnny Cash https://youtu.be/QBgn64GKO1A
Hurt – Johnny Cash – Guitar Lesson Johnny Cash https://youtu.be/mZr3h23FEJE
Personal Jesus – Part 1 Johnny Cash https://youtu.be/tIlHFj9OoQc
Mistletoe Justin Beiber https://youtu.be/cCU9aJMyGCA
Love Yourself Justin Beiber https://youtu.be/Pw7_m3jFwVg
Dust In The Wind Kansas https://youtu.be/LbKQ6VSqGxA
Somewhere Only We Know – Part 2 Keane https://youtu.be/V2AJ5r8ULI8
Somewhere Only We Know – Part 1 Keane https://youtu.be/en6BdYQXfss
The Gambler Kenny Rogers https://youtu.be/D0Ou9y0Sdrc
Stormy Weather Kings Of Leon https://youtu.be/qZdIH2kEV_I
High Hopes Kodaline https://youtu.be/a_aZ3AP148w
Honest Kodaline https://youtu.be/usM9NblXAEU
Tetris Theme Korobeiniki https://youtu.be/BFBNFsMjjLk
Beneath Your Beautiful – Part 1 Labrinth https://youtu.be/QTme-nQEYAY
Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey https://youtu.be/dnEhq-6nSYg
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Part 1 Led Zeppelin https://youtu.be/xJ5mRfJTo2c
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Part 2 Led Zeppelin https://youtu.be/kjjtY8AQGMQ
Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin https://youtu.be/hNlhwqJ6pyQ
Whole Lotta Love – Riff Led Zeppelin https://youtu.be/9OeWiX3TzDU
Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin https://youtu.be/BmV3EWqM_jI
Hallelujah Leonard Cohen https://youtu.be/2My0WJlVCUU
Hallelujah – Fingerstyle Leonard Cohen https://youtu.be/C1p6u7uH0dI
Suzanne Leonard Cohen https://youtu.be/Bb-YghnSu4w
Into The Wild Lewis Watson https://youtu.be/pyumXT18Ddk
One More Light – Fingerstyle Linkin Park https://youtu.be/tYsXE4dDTVA
Numb – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Linkin Park https://youtu.be/455v50Vu5fc
Numb – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Linkin Park https://youtu.be/U-EBLcV0hPg
Perfect Day Lou Reed https://youtu.be/S-qwtCniUhE
What A Wonderful World – Fingerstyle Louis Armstrong https://youtu.be/Fw3xsyo3_Kc
7 Years Lukas Graham https://youtu.be/27y_QLpQXmQ
Teardrop Massive Attack https://youtu.be/CA9FcsHwBnY
All About You McFly https://youtu.be/UkzDcAm8JO4
Five Colours In Her Hair – Intro McFly https://youtu.be/pnB3qlRAnyg
Nothing Else Matters – Part 2 Metalica https://youtu.be/ETqTcL2pOgM
Nothing Else Matters – Part 3 Metalica https://youtu.be/hx0m-JLO60M
Enter Sandman Metallica https://youtu.be/JTu10D1EhBw
Nothing Else Matters – Part 1 Metallica https://youtu.be/CnbJEMBHXLk
Fade To Black – Part 1 Metallica https://youtu.be/ObWWL7J50Iw
Fade To Black – Part 2 Metallica https://youtu.be/hoFukf14qZY
Kids MGMT https://youtu.be/svyaLdH4lcc
The Earth Song Michael Jackson https://youtu.be/kClzQSKBIeM
So What Miles Davis https://youtu.be/fCLbx8r7aTc
Stolen Dance Milky Chance https://youtu.be/QB26jYkO_Ho
Minuet Mozart https://youtu.be/06N9w0Uqojc
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Mozart https://youtu.be/gDB59tA1Sno
The Cave Mumford & Sons https://youtu.be/EG_LGjZcu2k
I Will Wait Mumford & Sons https://youtu.be/r_ne-5RK3A8
White Blank Page Mumford & Sons https://youtu.be/NyotsCwlsQE
Roll Away Your Stone Mumford and Sons https://youtu.be/5FGXHGepHFU
Time Is Running Out Muse https://youtu.be/fYHg5_tVias
Starlight Muse https://youtu.be/UPbluJMiGOA
Unintended – Intermediate – Part 1 Muse https://youtu.be/LaZZjh5bka4
Unintended – Intermediate – Part 2 Muse https://youtu.be/EDFIeey3QWs
Plug-in Baby Muse https://youtu.be/GbSCwrT9Two
These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ Nancy Sinatra https://youtu.be/0RlvEEmxKkU
Bang Bang Nancy Sinatra https://youtu.be/60uEFjlp9sg
Needle And The Damage Done Neil Young https://youtu.be/J4vMoN8a8Go
You Get What You Give New Radicals https://youtu.be/OcycYfah0o0
Feeling Good Nina Simone https://youtu.be/UVp_pIklceI
Polly Nirvana https://youtu.be/cMvdCqB0ICg
Come As You Are – Riff Nirvana https://youtu.be/DY9cUNWOhsY
Come As You Are – Riff Nirvana https://youtu.be/FWSV7oKt2jE
Live Forever Oasis https://youtu.be/YtlsRENtR74
Little By Little Oasis https://youtu.be/vFWDrT8KGMI
Live Forever Oasis https://youtu.be/x5ve-KXMvsg
Wonderwall Oasis https://youtu.be/w0LAFqhk8Sk
Half The World Away Oasis https://youtu.be/-iyORD5XwfE
Stop Crying Your Heart Out Oasis https://youtu.be/ountqXNH4zM
Talk Tonight Oasis https://youtu.be/1xww1okdw4Y
Love Love Love Of Monsters and Men https://youtu.be/BUGboen4HJg
Stop And Stare One Republic https://youtu.be/d37yUy25uCI
Apologize – Fingerstyle – Part 1 One Republic https://youtu.be/q-OXzb1Tc3Q
Apologize – Fingerstyle – Part 2 One Republic https://youtu.be/E-smaC63RUY
Order and Chaos Order and Chaos https://youtu.be/QR67eEXCgs4
Candy Paolo Nutini https://youtu.be/m11FlUlTbkU
The Only Exception
Let Her Go Passenger https://youtu.be/u8eloQtLxhY
Blackbird – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Paul McCartney https://youtu.be/d_2QFX4s5o4
Wild Wood Paul Weller https://youtu.be/ibjMxXChWYY
Just Breathe – Fingerstyle Pearl Jam https://youtu.be/HTfLZYs5seQ
Just Give Me A Reason – Guitar Tutorial Pink + Nate Ruess https://youtu.be/YVWa6pJs5fM
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd https://youtu.be/kAzuZuVqpU8
Is There Anybody Out There? – Fingerstyle Pink Floyd https://youtu.be/QWyL1GKqnoc
Goodbye Blue Sky – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Pink Floyd https://youtu.be/eR82ckfsRZ8
Goodbye Blue Sky – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Pink Floyd https://youtu.be/uU3l7Npi8G0
Money – Intro Bass Riff Pink Floyd https://youtu.be/99b_xevbLPM
Where Is My Mind Pixies https://youtu.be/W9h9bV853bk
Hey There Delilah Plain White T’s https://youtu.be/s3nlqgFEB_k
Message In A Bottle Police https://youtu.be/vJ6Ej2AL_84
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen https://youtu.be/P8_Jfe9hegQ
Another One Bites The Dust – Riff Queen https://youtu.be/q-p1FZmDxOM
Losing My Religion R.E.M https://youtu.be/N1BYj_gYs58
Radiohead – High and Dry Radiohead https://youtu.be/bMgwGg1Rnko
No Surprises Radiohead https://youtu.be/3XsbIH296DA
Street Spirit (Fade Out) Radiohead https://youtu.be/uVT0EOrlaPA
True Love Waits Radiohead https://youtu.be/MrnhbF0BQww
Rag n Bone Man Rag n Bone Man https://youtu.be/qwAwJjV6aR0
Streets Of London Ralph McTell https://youtu.be/hGvWi5ufj5s
America Razorlight https://youtu.be/NJXlvxVGcsY
Otherside – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers https://youtu.be/ycRFw0gAX7A
Otherside – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Red Hot Chili Peppers https://youtu.be/khrfSZG2lUI
Under The Bridge – Intro Red Hot Chili Peppers https://youtu.be/Qdre8CRzPFw
Road Trippin’ Part 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers https://youtu.be/K7F73RlEdyc
Road Trippin’ Part 2 Red Hot Chili Peppers https://youtu.be/ZOSUlzcmGuA
Man On The Moon REM https://youtu.be/G_0SMD9Hwas
Everybody Hurts – Fingerstyle – Part 1 REM https://youtu.be/l1MTJzSPZr4
Everybody Hurts – Fingerstyle – Part 2 REM https://youtu.be/fbZwMx9yM0Q
Everybody Hurts – Picking REM https://youtu.be/12qmzBV3XQA
Stay – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Rihanna https://youtu.be/dMPf5-GrlD4
Stay – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Rihanna https://youtu.be/ZSnmRbdQ8D4
When You Say Nothing At All – Part 1 Ronan Keating https://youtu.be/ktWQVzUV1uk
When You Say Nothing At All – Part 2 Ronan Keating https://youtu.be/W-kQCpGgwMU
Pretty Woman – Riff Roy Orbison https://youtu.be/ONf3SX0WZ18
I’m Not The Only One Sam Smith https://youtu.be/svDqxHeeq3I
Kiss From A Rose – Part 1 Seal https://youtu.be/M-eP_oSbIiU
Kiss From A Rose – Part 2 Seal https://youtu.be/9K41uuQIqZg
Bookends Theme Simon & Garfunkel https://youtu.be/_oEN1OG7ogg
The Boxer – Fingerstyle Simon & Garfunkle https://youtu.be/s-Upn55-9WY
Sound Of Silence Simon & Garfunkle https://youtu.be/ojpfVYpKlCs
Mrs Robinson Simon and Garfunkel https://youtu.be/vDNvXjQDbF4
Sound Of Silence – Fingerstyle Simon and Garfunkel https://youtu.be/duYupcOZRo4
Scarborough Fair Simon and Garfunkle https://youtu.be/od6tCag6FpA
Kiss Me Sixpence None The Richer https://youtu.be/rk0aiQ8h2i8
Chasing Cars – Part 2 Snow Patrol https://youtu.be/FR2rwQ0GC78
Chasing Cars – Part 1 Snow Patrol https://youtu.be/vKO2kZMwOIk
Open Your Eyes – Part 1 Snow Patrol https://youtu.be/K8KeCyomCi0
Open Your Eyes – Part 2 Snow Patrol https://youtu.be/1BGP0UvWlNs
Run Snow Patrol https://youtu.be/Bw_TIOUpwgI
Called Out In The Dark – Part 2 Snow Patrol https://youtu.be/xO3tLUtDOY4
Called Out In The Dark – Part 1 Snow Patrol https://youtu.be/V3bgMfZtwV0
Run – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Snow Patrol https://youtu.be/VwfngeCvDzs
Run – Fingerstyle – Part 2 Snow Patrol https://youtu.be/2D9Zzhy7rLA
Dakota Stereophonics https://youtu.be/wH2mwEnUkIg
Isn’t She Lovely? Stevie Wonder https://youtu.be/lVw2_JGzWAU
Fields Of Gold – Part 2 Sting https://youtu.be/-DcgpqSCSTQ
Fields Of Gold – Fingerstyle – Part 1 Sting https://youtu.be/FoLFxZ-GX-E
Shape Of My Heart – Sting Sting https://youtu.be/PaOMcZoZYAo
Eye Of The Tiger – Riff Survivor https://youtu.be/LAXq-nbsGfs
Eye Of The Tiger – Power Chord Riff Survivor https://youtu.be/gO635jY4eZ0
Back For Good Take That https://youtu.be/I447sn7FL9k
The Less I Know The Better Tame Impala https://youtu.be/ruTaieCWx_s
Swan Lake – Fingerstyle Tchaikovsky https://youtu.be/aIf-muHix78
House Of The Rising Sun The Animals https://youtu.be/68wsMe6Gyek
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood The Animals https://youtu.be/KPjI0tGyIk8
Let It Be The Beatles https://youtu.be/OshJpPXvSDU
With A Little Help From My Friends The Beatles https://youtu.be/J1WNOLJbe78
10 Beatles Songs With Only 4 Chords – Part 2 The Beatles https://youtu.be/-h9ZSFjh2pw
10 Beatles Songs With Only 4 Chords – Part 1 The Beatles https://youtu.be/reCgUO3DoEI
Norwegian Wood The Beatles https://youtu.be/3h-Ba6BEw-M
Yesterday The Beatles https://youtu.be/3ZMGmCiZn2c
Yesterday The Beatles https://youtu.be/2cyXMp3gliQ
A Day In The Life – Fingerstyle The Beatles https://youtu.be/B2zYRpH-GR8
Here Comes The Sun – Part 1 The Beatles https://youtu.be/tkH13a7BPas
Hey Jude The Beatles https://youtu.be/aGjX8ZzdaC8
I Feel Fine The Beatles https://youtu.be/ecCrJDkJ9Gg
Something The Beatles https://youtu.be/uzPJ6ETEEX8
Wherever You Will Go The Calling https://youtu.be/WD6HXbfx5tw
I’ve Got This Friend – Part 2 The Civil Wars https://youtu.be/YYOTskjmRxY
I’ve Got This Friend – Part 1 The Civil Wars https://youtu.be/py6KDEihh0w
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? – Intro Riff The Clash https://youtu.be/B-OCftd29gk
Zombie – Fingerstyle The Cranberries https://youtu.be/g6VEH0RUt6k
Riders On The Storm The Doors https://youtu.be/Rod8KP_3O88
Riders On The Storm – Fingerstyle The Doors https://youtu.be/EYTvZ_M2z4s
Hotel California The Eagles https://youtu.be/gevdHKNLi2s
That’s Entertainment The Jam https://youtu.be/S1WPd49oxRc
Waterloo Sunset The Kinks https://youtu.be/Ex4y9iB6_MQ
Sunny Afternoon The Kinks https://youtu.be/rdP-r9nxsJc
You Really Got Me – Power Chord Riff The Kinks https://youtu.be/aEN7UvBZSrg
She Moves In Her Own Way The Kooks https://youtu.be/9DgS-Jv8LMU
There She Goes The La’s https://youtu.be/Pj2Ks0YQt14
Ho Hey The Lumineers https://youtu.be/cVeHGrRf-8o
California Dreaming The mamas and the papas https://youtu.be/oOnqZjGsWD0
I’m A Believer The Monkees https://youtu.be/hGPCsxyefEs
Mr Bojangles The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band https://youtu.be/rYPZ-AB8AGc
Featherstone The Paper Kites https://youtu.be/ErUhoI8jA6Q
Bloom The Paper Kites https://youtu.be/8VrdCzCH8o8
Every Breath You Take – Fingerstyle – Part 1 The Police https://youtu.be/zECOKFyH0ac
Every Breath You Take – Fingerstyle – Part 2 The Police https://youtu.be/KydEZrXFeHI
500 Miles The Proclaimers https://youtu.be/J3bRjA_cHiQ
I’ll Be There For You (Theme From Friends) The Rembrants https://youtu.be/U50G41aE1sk
As Tears Go By – Fingerstyle The Rolling Stones https://youtu.be/FUPbOa6wvAU
Paint It Black – Part 1 The Rolling Stones https://youtu.be/muq_LAr5a1o
Paint It Black – Part 2 The Rolling Stones https://youtu.be/kos9Vt17SlU
Satisfaction – Riff The Rolling Stones https://youtu.be/5OlCJCSnU_Q
Satisfaction – Riff #3 The Rolling Stones https://youtu.be/bDjG2jTJv1I
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved The Script https://youtu.be/xlgz_HEwIUU
I’m Yours – Part 2 The Script https://youtu.be/02xg38zNkys
I’m Yours – Part 1 The Script https://youtu.be/_aWyXIZoOBM
Peaches – Quick Riff The Stranglers https://youtu.be/wArm8lJiIAE
Wipeout The Surfaris https://youtu.be/uyq5OmEx47k
My Girl The Temptations https://youtu.be/EGAhZRsPHtM
Wild Thing The Troggs https://youtu.be/tVw2qqPwg6I
Wild Thing – Easy Beginners The Troggs https://youtu.be/AJdnfdMS4uc
Lucky Man The Verve https://youtu.be/CQfRLEigu_A
Sonnet The Verve https://youtu.be/uPutU_SYuOM
Seven Nation Army – Riff The White Stripes https://youtu.be/m4wbiZsUnIk
Whiskey In The Jar Thin Lizzy + My Interpretation https://youtu.be/uiDRBHFJ5r0
Song to The Siren Tim Buckley https://youtu.be/nGuOgkg9YtA
Little Bit Of Love Tom Grennan https://youtu.be/ZLtf5OvkI0A
Another Love Tom Odell https://youtu.be/SLWB6MG7oOc
Free Falling Tom Petty https://youtu.be/DadZgOqPHv4
Fast Car – Part 2 Tracy Chapman https://youtu.be/V9-_4NvJlcM
Fast Car – Part 1 Tracy Chapman https://youtu.be/My8TvwWWce4
Talking About a Revolution Tracy Chapman https://youtu.be/ADozuaFQ38A
Hey Soul Sister Train https://youtu.be/Z9Uobs2cvx0
One U2 https://youtu.be/gVEQIV-iSOc
Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon Urge Overkill https://youtu.be/nxSQPlAZPuk
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison https://youtu.be/1puempH8-LQ
Riptide Vance Joy https://youtu.be/DfxvaBxv-AM
Island In The Sun Weezer https://youtu.be/pYMOTWTAsfw
Last Christmas – Fingerstyle Wham https://youtu.be/RyQArN8RUIk
I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself White Stripes https://youtu.be/3ylWwkCeGv4
See You Again Wiz Khalifa https://youtu.be/bTzPekaNok0
Renegades X-Ambassadors https://youtu.be/e8wBf-Bv5fE
River Flows In You Yiruma https://youtu.be/W2YBaZVeaTs