I don't recommend anything that hasn't helped me become a better guitarist.
Here's my favourite guitar programs and apps:

EarMaster Pro 6

Wouldn't it be great to listen to a song and then be able to play it?)

This program teaches you the ultimate musical skill: Ear Training. Once you can truly "hear" the music then figuring out songs for yourself will be much easier. If you join the Student Area you can watch a tutorial I've made for how to use EarMaster Pro.
Download your FREE trial here

Guitar Pro 6

Play along to over 800,000 TABS and write your own music)

Most of the TABS in the Student Area have been written using this program. It's great for a few reasons: You can slow down the playback of TABS and play along to the music at a slower speed. The TABS (guitar music) have been checked by real musicians and are very accurate.
Download your FREE trial here


(Play along to your favourite songs but at a speed of your choosing)

Imagine asking Jimi Hendrix to slow down his solo so you can play along with him. That's  what this program can do. You can slow down any song in your MP3 library to a pace that suits you, without affecting the sound of the record. This is important when figuring out how to play songs by ear.
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Fret Tester (ios)

(Learn every note on the fretboard without thinking about it)

I discovered this app 6 months ago, when I was looking for a way to learn all the notes on the fretboard.

This app teaches you how to identify every note on the guitar fretboard using a flash card system.

I used it for 10 minutes a day for 3 months and I can now name any note I'm playing, which is especially good for theory and lead guitar playing.
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Anytune (ios)

(An App that slows down music and makes Ear Training easier)

Great app that slows down music without affecting the overall song. You can use any song from your MP3 library or even use a YouTube video. Ideal if the song you're learning is going to fast or you want to work out how to play it by ear.
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Cleartune (ios + android)

My favourite guitar tuner app.)

Very accurate, very versatile and far better than all the "free tuning apps" in my opinion.
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Tempo (ios)

A great metronome that has always been in my teaching studio.)

The tones don't sound electronic and annoying. I've found it very simple to use.
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