To start your ear training journey we’re going to download and install¬†EarMaster Pro.

You can download the program for FREE or buy a licence. 

To get started click the link below.

Here’s your link to download EarMaster Pro

Downloading EarMaster Pro

ear master how to 1

You can try EarMaster Pro for FREE or buy a license.

ear master how to 2

On this page select EarMaster Pro 6 and click “Download Now”

ear master how to 3

Fill in your name and email address. It’s up to you if you want to receive their newsletter. Then click “Get Download Link Now”

You’ll then be asked to check your email to receive your download. (Don’t forget to check your Junk/Spam folder if it’s not in your inbox)

Once you’ve clicked the download link in the email you’ll get to this page:

ear master how to 4

Choose your operating system and the download will begin.

ear master how to 5

Once your download has finished open the file.

Installing EarMaster Pro

ear master how to 6

Click Next>
The next page takes you to the license agreement.

After that you can choose where to install EarMaster Pro and if you want to create a desktop short cut (I recommend doing this, as you’ll be using the program regularly, especially when you’ve got a quick few minutes to spare)

After this click install and wait until you see this page:

ear master how to 7

Click the “Launch EarMaster Pro” tick button and then click “Finish”

Setting Up EarMaster Pro

ear master how to 8

Click Next> if you’re using the free demo or enter your serial number and click Next if you’ve bought a license.

ear master how to 9

Making sure your computers speakers are turned up, hit the “Play” button. You should hear a piano playing.

If it’s not loud enough drag the Volume knob to the right.

If after you’ve hit “Play” there is a delay before the piano sounds then adjust the “Latency”

Now hit Next>

ear master how to 10

As we’re guitarists, click on “Strings” and then hit Next>

ear master how to 11

This part is optional and you can click finish. To answer some of the questions you can play your guitar or sing.

I suggest you try singing, as this is a more effective way to learn ear theory, but if that’s not for you then click on the Customized drop down and select 6 String Guitar.

ear master how to 12

You have successfully installed EarMaster Pro.

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