Don't forget to whisper the rested beat to help you count it.

If 70bpm is too fast then slow down your metronome.

You may find 8th beat rests (from Pattern 8 onward) more challenging. This is due to something called syncopation, which you can learn more about here

If a pattern is too challenging then play along with the video, to better understand the rhythm.

I also suggest printing out the worksheet and writing out the numbers above each beat. When there's a rest, write a smaller number or + to indicate that it's silent.

IMPORTANT: In the video there is an error in playback on exercises 11 and 15. In exercise 15 the first time through is correct but the second misses the last beat. Many thanks to James K for identifying this.

    Click on the worksheets below to enlarge and print.   playing-with-rests-16-exercises-page-1playing-with-rests-16-exercises-page-2