The most overlooked (and probably one of the most important) pages at LGIL.

Learning guitar isn’t always about playing songs.

These lessons focus on technique, muscle strength and exercises to boost your playing.


Some of these lessons are in 2 parts and have the TAB available.

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Finger Strength Exercise

1 Simple Method To Play Anything Faster On Guitar

1 Ridiculously Easy Way To Slow Down Any Guitar Lesson

How To Master Barre Chords (Strength building exercises)

5 Essential Rhythm Guitar Patterns

Easy Way To Play Barre Chords (My tips and ethos on how to nail barre chords)

How To Strum An Acoustic Guitar – 8 Top Tips For Beginners

How to learn all the notes on the guitar neck – Part 1

How to learn all the notes on the guitar neck – Part 2

How To Play Artificial “Harp Like” Harmonics

Dropped your pick in the guitar? Here’s how to get it out.

How To Strum a Guitar With Your Fingers + Thumb

Quick Exercise On How To Change Chords Faster.

3 Exercises To Build More Strength In Your Fretting Hand

What is bass note strumming?