Beginners 12 Bar Blues Acoustic Guitar Lesson With 15 Essential Chords – Part 1

Easy 12 bar blues guitar tutorial for acoustic guitar. This beginners lesson shows you the classic 12 bar blues progression with 15 essential chords that all beginners need to know.

This lesson is great for timing, rhythm and getting started on easy barre chords.

There’s so much value in this 12 bar lesson that I’ve broken it down into parts for you. Check the start times below the video:

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1:49 = The 12 Bar Blues Chord Progression (Order of chords that repeats – LEARN THIS OFF BY HEART)


3:23 = The 12 Bar Blues Formula (Learning this order of numbers will help you play the 12 bar in any key)


4:15 = What are the 5 Essential Chord Familes?


4:43 = Major Chords (How To Play A, D and E)


6:57 = My recommended metronome is the Boss Guitar Tuner App: Android Apple


7:38 = Playing the 12 Bar With Major Chords @ 70BPM


9:50 = If The Rhythm Is Too Easy Try This…


10:45 = Minor Chords (How To Play Am, Dm and Em)


11:44 = Playing the 12 Bar With Minor Chords @ 70BPM


12:44 = Playing the 12 Bar With Major Then Minor Chords @ 70BPM


16:20 = Dominant Seven Chords (How To Play A7, D7 and E7)


17:08 = Playing the 12 Bar With Dominant Seven Chords and Then Minor Chords @ 70BPM


18:45 = Minor Seven Chords (How To Play Am7, Dm7 and Em7)


19:18 = Beginners Barre Chord? (Dm7)


20:08 = Playing the 12 Bar With Minor Seven and Then Dominant Seven @ 70BPM


21:49 = Major Seven Chords (How To Play Amaj7, Dmaj7 and Emaj7)


23:37 = Playing the 12 Bar With Major Sevens and Then Minor Sevens @ 70BPM


25:40 = Recap On The Families and Tips On How To Practice


26:56 = Playing the 12 Bar With ALL 15 Chords (5 Families) @ 70BPM