Recommended Brands + Models


Yamaha, Crafter, Fender, Cort + Luna. From all the beginners guitars I’ve played the  Yamaha F310 represents the best playablity and value for money.


Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, Ibanez and PRS. For beginners on a budget there’s two models that I recommend. They are the Fender Squier and the Yamaha Pacifica. A practice amp and a guitar lead are pretty essential if you want to play your electric guitar louder.

Two great practice amps are the Roland Micro Cube and the Vox Pathfinder.

Remember, if you’re buying from a guitar shop you can often get a good deal on buying all three bundled together.


Yamaha (Once again, I’m not endorsed by them or anything, they just make great guitars that are affordable and easy to play), Ibanez, Hose Ramirez. The Yamaha C40 represents excellent value for money.