The tempo for your metronome to play with me at the beginning is 80 BPM (The actual speed of the song is 117)

The most challenging part of this song is NOT to start on the 1 beat. You start on the 1 +  (The “AND” of 1)

All strums are played as down strokes.


Pretty Woman – 5-7 minutes (work on keeping time to the metronome) If you don’t like this riff then use the early riffs for initial warm up.

C,G and Fmaj7 Chords – (5 minutes) Learn them off by heart. Do 60 second chord changes and aim for 30 changes within the minute.

Playing 8th Beats To Metronome – (5-7 minutes) – Keep time and listen to the metronome. Practice strumming chords you know and changing between them in time with the clicks of the metronome.

Let It Be Vs Should I Stay Or Should I go – Choose one of these songs for a 10 minute song session. Aim for faster chord changes and clean tone.

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