STAGE 1: (2-3 minutes)

Strum each chord once (and check it by picking each string) and aim for clean sounding notes.

STAGE 2: (3-5 minutes)

Strum D 4 times, Am 8 times and Em 4 times. Keep the rhythm going and make corrections to your chord (if needed) whilst strumming.

STAGE 3: (3-5 minutes)

Strum D 8 times, Am 16 times and Em 8 times. (All with downstrums)

STAGE 4: (5 minutes)

Play the same amount of strums as Stage 3, but add in accents. Accents have this symbol > above the chord. Accents are simply when you play this strum louder. The video explain more.


5-7 minutes of first warm up and the new skip and return.

5 minutes of La Bamba (NEW RIFF)

5-7 minutes of A,E and D chord songs. You can choose between Yellow, Chasing Cars or Wild Thing.

3-5 minutes of new chords (Am and Em) and changing between them.

5-10 minutes of playing Clocks by Coldplay.

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