Here’s a link to the free metronome I’m using in the video: Tempo – Frozen Ape The app is available on Android and ios.

In my opinion learning to play with a metronome (in your first few months of learning guitar) is the most important thing any beginner can do. It will make you more musical, more accurate and ultimately a better player that someone who doesn’t use one.

Yes, they can be challenging to use at first. It will feel unnatural and you might feel pressurized. But please DON’T GIVE UP!

Make sure your metronome is loud enough so you can hear it over the sound of your guitar. Turn your device up to full volume or connect it to a speaker.

Aim to use a metronome for 5-7 minutes every time you play guitar. Most of the videos in this course will have a metronome speed listed in the music.

OPTIONAL HOMEWORK – Play Video 7 (Essential Warm Ups) at 60 BPM to your metronome.

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