From a drafty tool shed to a music studio in just 2 months! My back is still recovering from all the DIY, but it was totally worth it.

Time stamps for the video:


0.35 – What I used to do in another life…
1.45 – Why do you have a lawnmower in your music studio?
2.20 – What every mancave should have…
3.48 – My practice space and gear rundown
6.10 – The only thing I kept from my Dads old workshop
6.41 – Hand carved wooded symbolism
7.35 – Plectrum fridge magnets? (a gap in the market)
9.20 – Where most of the action is going to happen
9.50 – Not just a music studio


*I’ve also put the “before video” at the bottom of this page.