Video Lessons Are Great But They Do Have Limitations:

  • They can’t watch you back.

  • They can’t fit the lesson to your ability and learning style.

  • They can’t show you the best way to practice.


The most effective way to learn guitar is with an experienced teacher.


  • 55% of my students have lessons via Skype.

  • 50% of those students have been learning with me for 12 months +

  • 90% of my skype students started learning online but soon found out they needed 1 to 1 tuition.


Skype is really easy to use, even if you’re not good with computers.


Here’s what you need to get started:


      • A good internet connection. (Click here for my skype speed test page)
      • Download the free Skype software and set up an account. You can do that here
      • A webcam connected to your computer or tablet.
      • That’s it! No technical computer stuff. Skype handles all that for you.


skype guitar lesson - learn guitar from home - Drue James

Matt in his weekly skype lesson. You can book your FREE Trial Lesson by filling in the form below.


Student Testimonials: 


As a teaching tool, Skype works and I’d recommend it and Drue to anyone looking for a remote learning experience

Matt Millington – Stavanger, Norway.


“I’ve always found Drue’s lessons intuitive and inspiring and they’ve given me the confidence to carry on picking up the guitar and learning.

Paul Bache – Lectoure, France.


“I am amazed at how well Skype works as a forum for teaching/learning guitar. Even over webcam, Drue has no problem noticing if one finger is slightly out of place (I can’t get away with anything!).

Natalie Chow – London, UK.


I have been taking guitar lessons via Skype with Drue for about a year. Drue has a great gift for structuring my lessons to what I want to learn.” 

Anthony Reilly – Birmingham, UK.



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Where possible, we’ll get you playing a new song in your first lesson.


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