It's now time to play the full song with singing. Just make sure that you know the guitar part exceptionally well.

If you have any doubt in the guitar then your performance may suffer.

  • Your performance does NOT need to be like the original. Never compare yourself to the original artist. You are not them (how you play something is unique and you must embrace your own version of the song)
  • Go to YouTube and check out how other people cover the song. This can give you more ideas.
  • Put in more embellished guitar parts when you're not singing. It's easier to make the guitar more fancy when you're not singing.
  • Play through all mistakes. Learn how to recover from wrong lyrics or chords. Just keep the strumming pattern going and the beat steady.
  • If you make a mistake with the lyrics then you can ad lib with humming.

Patience, persistence and regular daily practice, combined with faith in your learning are essential if you're committed to achieving a song performance you can be proud of.

Video 10 - Performance tips

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