Lesson 4 - The Most Famous Chord Progression Of All Time

Watch The Axis Of Awesome 4 Chord Video Here (To be honest this video is sounding a little out of date now, but that same progression keeps occuring in modern pop songs and it shows no sign of stopping!)

The 4 Chord Progression is: CGAmFmaj7 (Repeated)

How to play a C Major Chord - Drue James
How To Play The G Chord - Drue James
How To Play The Am Chord - Drue James
How To Play The Fmaj7 Chord - Drue James

1.49 = 4 downstrums (quarter notes) for every chord in the sequence

3.01 = The technique essence of being a guitarists. Being ambidextrous with both hands.

4.10 = Popular Rhythm Pattern No.3 – Played with the chord progression.

4.50 = Experiementing with faster speeds

5.56 = Recap on the fundamentals of this course.

6.20 = Homework for this course. 3 rhythm patterns to choose from now and make rhythm a priority.

Popular Rhythm Pattern No.3

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