Lesson 30 - You're The Petrol, I'm The Match

Well done for getting to the last lesson in this course.

This song is in Drop D and really makes use of that dropped note on the thickest string.

The goal here is to keep your thumb chugging away at those bass notes whilst performing pinches on other strings. The best piece of advice I can give to achieve the speed and the tone is to look at the angle my thumb is at when I’m picking. Notice how I’m further out with my wrist than normal to continue plucking that string.

Essentially this song is 4 different ideas that are repeated. The hammer ons and fast fret movement are what makes this song a challenge.

Congratulations on completing Beyond Fingerstyle Freedom. I hope the course has given you a new level of skill and introduced you to a number of different guitar styles that you’d like to pursue further.

Keep on playing 🙂

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