Lesson 2 - How To Strum Effectively + Time Keeping Essentials

Video Start Times For The Lesson Above:

0.49 – Should I use a plectrum (pick) or my fingers to strum?

1.55 – How to hold a pick. – How To Strum A Guitar For Beginners – 8 Top Tips Video

2.57 – What pick to use for beginners? – Red Tortex 0.50mm

3.52 – How to strum down the strings. Keep your fingers and wrist loose. No tension.

4.26 – Why the wrist is important when strumming.

5.35 – I the Tempo metronome app. – Tempo – Metronome – App Link

6.01 – Set your metronome to 60 BPM. Start the time keeping exercise. Play along with me and listen extremely closely to your metronome.

7.11 – What to keep in mind if it feels boring? Nourish and encourage your inner metronome.

8.00 – The essential message and homework for this lesson.

8.10 – When you change chords DON’T stop strumming. Even if your right hand wants to. Don’t stop!

8.37 – Common questions and issues answered.

9.34 – What to do if you drop your pick in the sound hole? – Video Lesson Link

9.41 – Homework recap.

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