Lesson 17 - Breath Of Forgiveness

Alternate tunings will crop up on your acoustic journey. And there’s a good reason…

Not only do they make your guitar playing sound more alternative, they also offer a whole wealth of unexplored chords and voicings using open strings.

We’re starting our journey by learning about open tunings. Essentially this means we’re tuning our strings to the same notes as an open chord.

In this songs case the strings are tuned to a D chord. (D A F#) The video shows the tuning for each string.

As we go through alternate tunings it would be useful to have 2 guitars. One guitar kept in standard tuning and one in the alternate tuning we’re exploring. That way it makes practice more efficient. You won’t have to keep changing your string tuning each time.

Also, as we learn about open tunings please learn them in the order taught from Lesson 17 to 19.

Breath Of Forgiveness uses a simple 6/8 rhythm with chord movement around the neck.

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