Here's an example of how to write out the words:

To learn the words use these techniques:

  • By far the most powerful way to memorise anything is to use strong mental imagery.  The stronger the image, the more permanent it will stay in your memory.
  • Use repetition. Read the words aloud 5 times to one part of the song. Turn the page over and repeat the words again without looking.
  • Another effective technique is to write the song out by hand. (Yes, by hand, not on a computer) Once you done this re-write each line with fewer words. For example:

"There is a house in New Orleans"

"There is house Orleans" 

"house Orleans"

By distilling the words down to the most memorable one or two words in each line it makes it easier to memorise each section. So your lyrics would read like cue cards. For example:

"house Orleans"

"rising sun"

"ruin, boy"

"god, one"


The Capo

We use a capo to change the key (also know as the pitch or tone) of the song. This is especially useful if the song is too low or too high for our singing voices. Experiment with the capo positioning. You'll probably end up with a common fret placement where your voice feels the most comfortable.

Video 5 - Exercises to make you a better singing guitarist - Part 1

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