You're rhythm will drastically improve when you practice with a metronome.

A metronome not only helps keep time (not speeding up or slowing down) it also works like a rhythm road map.

If you can't play a rhythm to the metronome, then you can't play the rhythm at all.

The video shows you how to use a metronome and also answers some common questions.


Metronome Apps:

ios = Tempo (Great solid metronome that I'll be using throughout this course)

Android = Mobile Metronome (Free, effective and packed with features)

Windows = Metronome + (I've never use this, but it's free and has some good reviews)

PC - - Clicking this link will open a new tab. This online metronome is the best free one I can find. You can have this running in the background while you play through the lessons.


Physical Metronome:


The Korg MA-1 is a multi-function compact metronome. The "click" sound isn't too piercing and I find it easy to keep time with.

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