How To Play The F Chord On Acoustic Guitar

How To Play The F Chord On Acoustic Guitar - Drue James
How To Play The D Chord - Drue James

The F chord is perhaps the biggest reason why many new guitarists get frustrated. The reason? It’s challenging to press down. All beginner chords leading up to F are simple in comparison. The F barre chord requires hand muscles that for many beginners just aren’t there yet. They will take time to grow and change. This process can be more efficient by employing barre chord exercises, like the ones in the free video lesson below. Just click the button.

You can also play the F guitar chord with something called a “mini barre”. This is where you press down the bottom thinnest strings with your index on the first fret and then take your middle and ring to play fret 2 on the G and fret 3 on the D.

As a complete beginner I suggest using the Fmaj7 Chord instead of F until you’ve been playing 6 months or more.