Here's the guitars I use in my lessons:

Martin Dreadnought DCX1E

I recommend this guitar to anyone who is wanting to play live and take a step up from a beginners instrument.

It's comfortable to hold and has a well rounded tone.

You can hear me playing this guitar here:

Bloom - The Paper Kites - Guitar Lesson

Find out more about the Martin DCX1E

Yamaha Fg700ms

This is a beginners guitar that I used in my videos from November 2012 until August 2014.

Like all Yamaha's it's very easy to play.

When you're a beginner " ease of playability" should be your No.1 priority.

It's honestly priced and a great beginners guitar.

You can hear me playing it here:

Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash - Guitar Lesson

Find out more about the Yamaha Fg700ms

Furch D31-SR

This guitar is my "lifetime" acoustic.

What I mean by this is that I'll hopefully be playing it forever. Good guitars (over a certain a price threshold) sound better with time.

Watch my video review of this guitar:

My NEW Guitar - Furch D31-SR Review - Incredible Tone!

Find out more about the Furch D31-SR

PRS SE Custom 24

This guitar looks stunning. The purple burst and bird inlays make it a thing of beauty.

It's a mid range instrument, but for the money it packs a punch.

When you've got the distortion on high it makes a thick well rounded tone that I'm sure Jimmy Page would love.

You can hear me playing this guitar (though a tiny amp) in this video:

R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys - Guitar Lesson

Find out more about the PRS SE Custom 24

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