Give Me 60 Minutes and I'll Show You How To Play Awesome Rhythm Guitar

What we’ll cover in this FREE Webinar...

Why Rhythm Is The "Missing Link" For Self Taught Guitarists

90% of self taught guitarists get rhythm wrong. You'll learn through a simple technique how to move yourself into the upper 10% who can play with great rhythm and timing.

How Simple Maths Will Transform Your Sense of Rhythm

This simple maths lesson will amplify your understanding of rhythm and get you playing "rock tight" strumming patterns.

One "Weird Trick" For Keeping Your Rhythm In Time

You'll learn how to speak the strumming pattern out loud so you can keep playing consistent strumming patterns with each song.

5 Essential Strumming Patterns That All Guitarists Should Know

This FREE BONUS PDF has 5 strumming patterns that you can use in 1000's of songs. You'll also learn the most popular strumming pattern of all time.