Welcome to the course. Hopefully you're ready to start singing and playing guitar at the same time, but just in case I've made a check list of things you should be able to do:

  • You should have 6 to 12 months guitar playing experience.
  • Change between common open chords without hesitation (keeping the rhythm hand strumming whilst changing)
  • Tap your foot in time whilst strumming and changing between chords.
  • Change between chords without looking at the guitar neck. (Optional)
  • You should be able to keep time with a metronome. (Watch¬†this video if you've never done this before)
  • I will not be showing you how to sing.

You should have the full song with singing finished within a maximum of 6 weeks. It might take you more or less, depending on your guitar experience. If we're all good here then let's continue... Video 2 - How to choose the right song.

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