Drue James is the creator of LearnGuitarInLondon.com and Premium-Student-Area.com (PSA).

He has over 175,000 YouTube subscribers and he's passionate about helping beginners enjoy learning guitar.

About Drue James

4 Reasons Why You Should Learn With Me:

So many “About Me” pages are written by the website owner in the third person. Drue finds that cringy so he's not going to do that :)

About Me...

Well, what do you want to know?

I live in Leigh-On-Sea in the UK with my wife (Hannah) and 2 boys (Jules and Oscar)

Besides music I enjoy running, archery and computer games.

But really this isn't about me is it?

You're thinking, can this guy teach me guitar...

Well, perhaps you're already seen one of my lessons on YouTube.

I believe that learning guitar isn't that hard to do, it's playing regularly and enjoying every practice that is often the biggest challenge. That's where I focus my methods and courses.

I do this by following 4 core beliefs...

1: Playing Guitar = Happiness

I teach guitar because music has brought consistent happiness and fulfilment into my life. As music has brought me so much joy it's my duty to share this with as many people as possible.

When someone watches my lessons (or has a one to one lesson with me) I want them to experience the same feeling of happiness and enthusiasm that I get when playing guitar.


2: Playing Guitar = Freedom

I believe that playing guitar gives us a unqiue feeling of freedom.

All of the greatest artists and songwriters that I admire represent this freedom. And that's why I learn and teach their songs. I follow in their footsteps.

I tap into the joy they've shared through their songwriting. And it's my duty to share these songs with other people. Making sure my students can learn these songs effectively and without confusion.

3: More Guitars Does NOT Make You a Better Teacher

I believe that you can be a great teacher without owning 20 different guitars or loads of gear.

Guitars are tools to enjoy music. Granted, they're beautiful looking tools, but I think something is lost when equipment becomes a bigger inspiration than playing music.


4: This ISN'T About Me - It's About You

I believe that teaching guitar is NOT a profession for the ego. However, music often attracts the biggest ego maniacs.

That's why finding a musician (online or not) that can teach with care and consideration for beginners is so important.

I don't want to cram in a 100 different songs and techniques into one video. I don't want to overload you. Instead I want you to finish a lesson and feel happy with your progress.

Each lesson is designed to be a "mini achievement" and inspire you to keep on playing.


Are My Lessons Right For You?

If you can relate to what I've said so far there's a good chance I'd be a great fit for you as a teacher.

I want to help you learn guitar and I hope my free lessons have helped you learn your favourite songs.

But I'm hoping that by giving you such valuable advice for free you'll consider joining the Premium Student Area. (PSA)

I sincerely believe that if you're enjoying my lessons and you've resonated with my beliefs about teaching guitar that PSA will sky rocket your progress, practice time and enjoyment.

This page would be far too long to list all of the benefits of PSA so I've put together a page where you can learn more and grab a free 10 day trial.

Premium Student Area - 10 Day Free Trial

Keep on playing,

Drue James.