• THIS PAGE has all you need to get started with training your ears. (in general, not just for fingerstyle) The lesson index is at the bottom of this page. I recommend a program called Ear Master Pro. There's a free trial available from the page link above.


  • To start with can you tap the beat on your guitar? Tap the pulse and keep time. This will help you listen to the music.


  • There's a program called Riffstation that can isolate the guitar part from a track. IMPORTANT - I haven't used this program so I can't vouch for how effective it is.


  • If it sounds wrong, it probably is wrong. You're ears are the ultimate guide.


  • Find the bass notes to each chord. They're located on the E,A and D strings.


  • A lot of the time once you've found a few notes that fit with the song they are repeated throughout the piece. Don't always try to find new notes, try using notes you've already found for that next part or changing the rhythm of those notes to fit. You'll be surprised at just how few chords are in most songs. MOST OF THE TIME THE MUSIC IS EASIER THAT YOU THINK!


  • Once you've found some bass notes that sound right to your ears, write down the order you hear them in. Having things written just takes away the element of guessing the next chord by ear and means you can start to focus on the rhythm and what is coming next in the song.


  • Start to strum the chords that relate to your bass notes. Start with major chords and if they don't fit try minor.


  • Next figure the rhythm of the guitar. Tap along on the body of your guitar.


  • From here onward it does take a little more practice and intuition to find the notes, but use trial and error and trust your ears.


  • Use Anytune to slow down the song if it's too fast for you to play along with.


This first track only has 4 chords and contains pinches.

This track (above) has a capo on the 3rd fret and only 3 chords. Can you hear the techniques (think earlier videos)?

Please email me your videos/MP3s of these songs and I'll let you know how accurate your ear transcription is: drue@learnguitarinlondon.com


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