Q: What is the Sing & Strum E Course and how does it work?

The Sing & Strum E Course is a unique step by step method for learning how to sing and play any song. It's 68 minutes of tuition that teaches you how to combine singing with guitar playing so you're getting the song right and not making mistakes.

The course was created and tested on real students over an 18 month period. It works by teaching you how to learn the guitar section subconsciously and then breaking the song down into a simple rhythm so you can add the singing in stages.

Q: I've done a few guitar courses and I'm never shown what to practice. Is it the same with this one?

Each video shows you exactly what to practice and for how long. The course is based on a system that when followed correctly will give you the green light before progressing to the next stage. On top of that you can also ask questions about the lesson using the contact box at the bottom of each video.

Q: Is this course suited to a complete beginner?

No. You should have a firm grasp on how to strum open chords without stopping your rhythm hand. You should have 6-12 months guitar playing experience.

Q: Does the course have teaching support?

Yes.Each video has a contact form where you can ask questions about the lesson. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Q: I can't sing very well, will the course be teaching me how to sing as well?

No. You should be comfortable with how to sing. However, you will be shown effective ways to improve your pitch and tone.

Q: Is the course for British or London students only?

No. The course is available worldwide. When you click on the "Continue To Checkout" button you'll be shown how much the course is in your native currency.

Q: I want to learn how to sing and play guitar now. Will I have to wait for the course to be delivered?

No. The Sing & Strum E Course is available for immediate download. No waiting.

Q: What if the course doesn't work for me?

Then it's all FREE.

If once you've followed the course you're still finding it difficult to sing and play guitar at the same time then all you need to do is contact me (drue@learnguitarinlondon.com) for a full refund. No hopes to jump through or back and forth with emails, just a prompt courteous refund.

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"The Sing & Strum E Course is jam packed with great tips and techniques that will help you on the road to singing and playing guitar. Overall, I highly recommend it is a fun, practical and highly effective course."

Dan, guitardomination.net

"I've always wanted to show up at a party with my guitar and sing a few songs but it wasn't until I had lessons with Drue that I felt happy enough to do this. I helped Drue test the Sing & Strum  E Course and after about 6 weeks I was playing and singing without the guitar messing up.

Laura Stevens, Tooting, London.

"I especially like the videos that show you how to make the rhythm to a song easier, so you can concentrate on the singing. That was where the penny dropped for me. I'd always tried to do everything at once, got frustrated and then given up."

Ray Gill, Burnley, Lancashire

"I've been playing guitar for about 18 months and I know how to play all the usual chords. I could play a few songs and I'd even done a couple of performances with friends singing along. Whenever I tried singing with them I couldn't keep it together." I found Drue's lessons on YouTube and his Sing & Strum Course has changed the way I learn new songs. It's great to have a system I can follow that get's easier every time I do it."

Sonya Schmidt, Croydon, London.

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