Nothing can Captivate an Audience like Fingerstyle Guitar. Watch the video below to find out more.

You can only strum an acoustic guitar for so long. One day you'll want to discover more...

Do you ever feel that if someone was listening to you strumming they wouldn't recognise the song you're playing?

Strumming is important when learning guitar, but without a singer (or a lead guitarist) you can sometimes "lose" the song.

Fingerstyle is unique because you play the accompaniment AND the singing at the same time. It's this combination of rhythm and melody that can really capture an audience's imagination.

Fingerstyle CAN be beginner friendly, you just need the right balance of structure and inspiring songs.

124 Hours of Writing, Planning + Filming. (An Obsessive Task)

FINGERSTYLE FREEDOM was a massive task and it got a bit obsessive. I wanted to share my passion for fingerstyle guitar in a detailed and engaging way. This meant not “running a clock” on how long the course would be.

The challenge was to make a fingerstyle course that's accessible to beginner and intermediate players.

That's why it took 124 hours to write, plan, and film.

FINGERSTYLE FREEDOM is by far the biggest course available on the LGIL website (and perhaps the biggest and most comprehensive course that specialises in fingerstyle for self-taught players)

A Massive 36 Video Lessons. (245 Minutes of Quality Fingerstyle Tuition)

With 36 videos FINGERSTYLE FREEDOM is a fully comprehensive course. It would have been easy to make half this many lessons, but that would mean you'd be missing out on the most essential fingerstyle instruction that many “lighter” courses don't include.

There are more lessons than you'd expect because FINGERSTYLE FREEDOM was made with a “no stone left unturned attitude”.

31 TAB Sheets – Download, Print + Play Along.

FINGERSTYLE FREEDOM is all about songs. Each “mini-song” will inspire your playing (right from the first lesson.)

The 31 song TAB sheets can be downloaded, printed or viewed directly from the lesson page. The TABS are written on a computer, so each one is easy to read (no handwritten notes or scrappy diagrams.)

"3 in 1" Fingerstyle Course

At its heart, Fingerstyle Freedom builds a core understanding of fingerpicking technique for any skill level, using short, fun and engaging original songs.

The 9 Modules in the course can be broken down into 3 categories:

Lessons 1 - 20 "Core Fingerstyle Techniques" - 101 Instruction Taught With Clarity + Patience

You'll learn the essential fingerstyle technique (so you're not picking the wrong strings and your building muscles to make the strings ring clearly).

The songs are short (usually no more than 2 minutes) and have been carefully arranged so you can feel progress with each lesson.

Once you know the fingers you'll start learning progressive picking patterns. (These have been structured NOT to overwhelm you, this is where other fingerstyle lessons can go wrong.) Each song introduces a different finger combination so you're NOT learning with dry exercises.

These 20 lessons contain 17 songs which make practising each technique rewarding and motivating.

Lessons 21 - 31 – How To Play Travis Style. – The Cornerstone Of Fingerstyle Guitar.

Travis Picking is used by artists such as Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle and Damien Rice. It's a vital ingredient to your fingerpicking repertoire. If you have ambitions of being a singing fingerstyle player then this pattern is essential. Think of it as your "go to pattern" for whenever you're singing and playing.

FINGERSTYLE FREEDOM introduces each Travis Picking technique at the right time. Slowly building your confidence with each new pattern.

Take your time with this technique. You'll find it incredibly rewarding and satisfying.

Lessons 32 - 37 - Fingerstyle Speed Training, Learning By Ear + Many More...

Lesson Titles:
  • Hammer Ons + Flick Offs - Transform Your Fingerstyle Rhythm.
  • How to Use “Speed Training” to Make Chord and Fret Changes Faster.
  • "6 Essential Go To Fingerstyle Patterns" That Can Be Used in 1000's of Songs.
  • How to choose the right fingerstyle pattern for any song. (22-minute lesson on Ear Theory for Fingerstyle)


Get "BEGINNERS CLASSICAL" for FREE when you take action today.

Beginners Classical is the perfect accompaniment to FINGERSTYLE FREEDOM.

Beginners Classical is a 12 video course that not only has a beginner-friendly introduction to classical guitar, but also 10 Song Lessons written by some of the worlds greatest composers.

Each song lesson is taught with the same patience and clarity that you'd expect from

Watch the video at the bottom of this page to preview some of the "timeless songs" included.


Beginners Classical - 12 Lessons - 154 minutes. (2.5 Hours)

This is NOT a light "throw away" FREE GIFT.

This 2 for 1 offer is available for a limited time only.

Testimonials for FINGERSTYLE FREEDOM...

"This course has improved my understanding on where to find notes, my rhythm and knowing what the base note is in a particular chord. I have never had a guitar lesson in my life, but this course is brilliant."

Ian March – Norwich - UK


"I really like that it starts at a basic level and slowly builds up your technique, literally one finger at a time. It has clearly been well thought out."

David Albutt - Bonn - Germany


"Strumming is good once you've learnt chords, but Fingerstyle Freedom is a different take. You can most definitely “hear” the tune you are playing."

David Leith – South Yorkshire - UK


"What I needed was a disciplined approach on how to use the fingers correctly and efficiently. So far, the course is doing that. I am taking it slowly since I have much to "unlearn"."

Allan – Southern Ontario - Canada


"I like the teaching style because the lessons go into the depth without boring me. It’s step by step from zero. That’s exactly what I need."

Bernard Thorborg - Harburg - Germany


"I am slowly working through the Fingerstyle freedom course (up to Video 8 at present) and have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to both move my fingers and play at a quicker pace."

Malcolm Hutchinson - No Location Given

Unique to LGIL Premium Courses. (DOWNLOAD + WATCH LATER)

Unlike other guitar sites I believe that if you pay for something you should own it. Not just stream it. That's why you can download the entire course (that's all 36 videos, 31 TAB sheets and 2 MP3's) through a secure link to my WeTransfer account.

You then have the freedom to learn fingerstyle guitar even when you don't have an internet connection.

Contact Form on Every Page. (Get a Reply From Drue James.)

How many online courses offer personal feedback from the teacher that originally made the course?

This type of service is like one to one tuition. (But a lot less expensive.) For your convenience, there's a contact form at the bottom of every lesson page. If you get stuck, just fill in the form to ask a question.

I will answer all questions from Premium Course Students. (Within 48 hours)

2 Cameras Are Better Than 1.

The benefit of 2 camera angles is like having 2 pairs of eyes when watching the lesson.

You'll see the lesson in greater detail because you can view the guitar in different places. Not only that but when playing along you get a close up of the picking hand to help reinforce the fingerpicking rule.

FINGERSTYLE FREEDOM is in HD and can fit any screen size. Laptop, tablet and smartphone are all catered for.

Track Your Progress. (7 Tips For Better Practice.)

To stay on track you'll find a full index of all 36 lessons.

You can save this page for future access (as you'll be returning to it frequently while your fingerstyle improves).

The “7 Tips” on the welcome page take you through how to use the course properly. Including recommended practice time and additional equipment that will make using the course easier.

LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee.

As with ALL of the LGIL Premium Courses you have a LIFETIME 100% money back guarantee.

If your fingerstyle guitar doesn't improve or you no longer wish to use the course then just email for a prompt and courteous refund.

No subscriptions to cancel. Just a prompt FULL refund.

Immediate Access – Start Improving Your Fingerstyle Playing Today.

After making payment you'll be emailed course access (and download) links. This means no waiting. You can start improving your fingerstyle guitar right now.


Don't Forget you'll receive a FREE 12 Video Beginners Classical Course when you purchase today!

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Watch the video below for a teaser of the songs you'll be learning in BEGINNERS CLASSICAL: (NOTE - You don't need a classical guitar to use this course. In fact both courses can be played on acoustic OR electric.)

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