Do you DREAD playing barre chords?


You’re not alone.

Every beginner goes through this. Even Hendrix said…


Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, but if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded


With an effective course of lessons and Jimi’s “stick with it” attitude you WILL master barre chords.


  • 3 unique hand muscle building exercises

  • 3 famous barre chord riffs

  • 96 new chords

  • 12 easy to follow videos


Here’s a closer look at what you’ll be learning…


  • Get the RIGHT hand position

Holding chords wrong is the NO.1 reason why people can’t play barre chords. You’ll be shown (with 2 different camera angles) how to grip the neck for maximum strength and efficiency.


  • 3 unique hand muscle building exercises

You don’t have to do each one, the idea is to choose your favourite and play it for 5-10 minutes 5-6 days a week. Each one has been optimised to strengthen your hand muscles and get you pressing down barre chords ASAP.


  • How to change from open to barre chords

It’s not enough being able to hold down a barre, unless you know how to change between open and barre chords. This unique video shows you how to do this effectively and with economy of motion.


  • 3 famous guitar riffs

Think of barre chord exercises like a work out on a treadmill (you still put your muscles to work and improve) but barre chord riffs are like running outside. They’re more of a real world work out and it’s always great to have new songs to learn.


  • How to check your guitar set up

This lesson shows you how to check your guitar to see if it’s making barre chords harder than they should be and what you can do to improve your guitar.


  • SIMPLE music theory

Once you learn this simple theory technique you’ll never have to look up how to play barre chords ever again.


  • 96 new barre chords

That’s a lot of new chords. The beauty of this is all you need is 8 open chord shapes (you’ll learn what this means in the course) Once you’ve broken through with barre chords you’ll have most of chords you’ll ever need for Acoustic/Rock/Folk music.




  • At the end of each video you’re shown what to practice and for how long.

  • You have full email support. (All questions will be answered within 24-48 hours)

  • The videos are in HD and have been optimized to be watched on any device.


Testimonial – Eleanor Pinkava – Prague – Czech Republic

“HAH! I just succeeded in playing an “F” all the way through a song and it sounded as clear, and the chord changes as fast as all the other chords. Just had to share my euphoria:D “

Testimonial – Susan James – South London – UK

“I’m only up to video 4. Thank you thank you thank you…I’ve wished I could play guitar all my life but never thought I could – others who find it easy have tried to show me but they can’t relate to my difficulty, where as you have given me the map to progress.


Barre Chord Buster is available now for immediate access.

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Testimonial from Robert Barclay – (no location given in his email)

“I tried to get fancy with some barre chords but I soon gave up and felt absolutely useless. I got your barre chord buster course last Wednesday and guess what? Barre chord problems are no more and it’s only Sunday. Less than five days later. I’ve still got lots of practise on the changes to do, but this will get me through the winter nights. I can’t wait to see my progress.”

Testimonial from Oliver Dilley – Chiang Mai – Thailand

“Great exercises and also the stuff about music theory really made sense to me. You explained the concepts so they were clear to me for the first time ever.”


One last thing…


If Barre Chord Buster doesn’t work for you then it’s completely FREE.

If once you’ve used the course you still can’t play barre chords then email and you’ll be given a full and courteous refund.


  • The course has lifetime access and no recurring fees.
  • Barre Chord Buster is available now for immediate access.
  • You can even download the video to watch later.


Pick up your copy of Barre Chord Buster today (Just £12.99)

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