The Sun Has No Judgement - Open C Tuning - Live Lesson Replay + TAB and MP3

Important Lesson Time Stamps:


8:20 = Step by step guide for tuning your guitar to Open C

10:44 = My highly recommended “Chromatic” tuning app – Boss Tuner

14:20 = How to “hear” when you’re tuned in correctly. A chord with open strings!

15:28 = How a one finger chord shape can make you play all the major chords in Open C

15:45 = Why Joni Mitchell was just plain lazy! (or clever? You decide!)

18:00 = Starting The Sun Has No Judgement. (First 4 bars)

20:56 = What’s a hammer on?

26:00 = Slow breakdown and playthrough of first 4 bars

28:36 = Playing the second half of the song

34:45 = Running through the whole song

36:10 = How to learn more about Open Tuning with the LGIL Course – Beyond Fingerstyle Freedom – The Fingerstyle Package