Testimonials for Fingerstyle Freedom...

“This course has improved my understanding on where to find notes, my rhythm and knowing what the base note is in a particular chord. I have never had a guitar lesson in my life, but this course is brilliant.”

Ian March – Norwich – UK

“What I needed was a disciplined approach on how to use the fingers correctly and efficiently. So far, the course is doing that. I am taking it slowly since I have much to “unlearn”.”

Allan – Southern Ontario – Canada

“I really like that it starts at a basic level and slowly builds up your technique, literally one finger at a time. It has clearly been well thought out.”

David Albutt – Bonn – Germany

“Strumming is good once you’ve learnt chords, but Fingerstyle Freedom is a different take. You can most definitely “hear” the tune you are playing.”

David Leith – South Yorkshire – UK

“I like the way your videos show fret work. I can really see what you’re playing. I feel like I can master the songs relatively quickly and continue to improve on them.”

Marilyn – Washington DC – USA

“I just love the enthusiasm and style. I find it infectious and it has me reaching for the guitar. Just wish I started playing years ago.”

Jonny Allen – Exeter – UK

“l just want to learn to let the guitar sing the melody for me cause at my age my singing voice is now almost done. So Travis Picking will hopefully get me there.”

Rod Ricketts – Brittany – France

“I like the teaching style because the lessons go into the depth without boring me. It’s step by step from zero. That’s exactly what I need.”

Bernard Thorborg – Harburg – Germany

“By downloading the course onto my laptop I can play the lessons anywhere, anytime. High picture quality… I like the 2 views on the same screen.”

Alan Blackburn – Stockton On Tees – UK

“I am slowly working through the Fingerstyle freedom course (up to Video 8 at present) and have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to both move my fingers and play at a quicker pace.”

Malcolm Hutchinson