3 Steps To Playing Fluid Fingerstyle Guitar Without Endless Practice

What we’ll cover in this FREE Fingerstyle Webinar...

How To Untangle Your Fingers And Boost Independence

You'll learn a proven 3 stage process to grow your finger independence. It all starts with the thumb, but by the end of the webinar you'll be playing fluid picking patterns.

A “Golden Rule Technique” That Makes Picking and Finding Strings Easier

Once you know this simple technique you'll be able to pick and find the strings without hesitation. It's all about small movements for maximum musical effect.

Why Fingerstyle Guitar Can Be Played By Beginners. (And How Not To Get Overwhelmed)

Fingerstyle is often seen as a challenging technique. However, even the earliest of beginners can learn and enjoy this fun technique with the right blend of songs and exercises.

4 Essential Fingerstyle Patterns That All Guitarists Should Know

This FREE BONUS PDF has 4 of the most popular picking patterns. No fingerstyle guitarist would be complete without these patterns in their repertoire.